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Our Services

Our experienced and specialist Property Lettings and Management team handle all related property management issues; from micro managing full refurbishments to minor day to day repairs. In fact, we handle all range of requirements for landlords.


Our service even includes an out of hours maintenance contract at no additional cost.


With our team’s years of experience and the fact we are landlords ourselves has meant TMS Management knows what the expectation and requirements are to manage properties and finding suitable tenants; to which we strongly believe we have set ourselves apart from those high street agencies who like to only deal in numbers rather than people.

Our Full Service package includes:

Ensuring a smooth management of your investment

Manage all tenant contact 

Manage all maintenance issues 

Deal with all tenancy renewals 

Serve any required notices

Carry out routine inspections to ensure your tenant is fulfilling their obligations

Ensure all Gas and Electricity Checks have been completed

Ensure all legal requirements are met

Read Utilities and notify the relevant suppliers

Notify local authorities

Act as arbitrators with deposit releases and deduction negotiations

Register the tenants deposit within an affiliated government approved scheme

For this service we offer extremely competitive rates

with NO hidden service charges

Our Full Management fee of 10% is a flat rate fee, so it protects your rental income even further.

Example of what you'll pay per month:

Rent of £1000.00 pcm  =

TMS Management fee of only £100.00pcm

Rent of £500.00 pcm  =

TMS Management fee of only £50.00pcm

Any tenancy renewals are also INCLUDED for the landlord; We do not charge for periodic tenancy renewals.

We do not charge any fees for service of notices; inspections or any additional extra’s needed as it’s about going that extra mile for all our clients.

If your tenant does decide to vacate, then we do offer a tenant finders service for a fee of £400.00, which covers all aspects of the legal documentation needed as well as registering the tenants deposit and completing a full detailed inventory at the commencement of tenancy*

Get in touch to find out more about about services.


*Terms and Conditions Apply - All fees subject to VAT.

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